“Care For Palakkad”

We are painfully aware that Palakkad was one of the affected district during the recent flood leaving many homeless and causing destructive damages to properties. District administration has been actively volunteering rehabilitation on a war footing. However a little helps from you can go a long way in restoring life faster. “Care For Palakkad” is a novel initiative to Invite and seek participation from large-hearted people like you to help rebuild flood destructed properties In Palakkad. We sincerely request you to extend a warm help to rebuild Palakkad through “Care For Palakkad”. Your contribution will be highly appreciated and honoured. Looking forward to your active participation and support for “Care For Palakkad”.

If you want to contribute to the flood affected people, offices etc, you can register here and sponsor for the requirements of such people or offices. Click on the below link to Register an Account


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You can Support for a Cause - Beneficiary requirements are collected by the authorized government agencies visiting affected locations

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